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Tk 15,000


12 Weeks

About the Course

Week 1-2: Introduction to Duolingo

  • Familiarization with the Duolingo platform.

  • Basic navigation and course structure.

Week 3-4: Core Vocabulary Building

  • Learning essential words and phrases.

  • Pronunciation and spelling practice.

Week 5-6: Grammar Foundations

  • Understanding English grammar rules.

  • Sentence formation and structure.

Week 7-8: Reading and Comprehension

  • Developing reading skills.

  • Comprehending short texts and passages.

Week 9-10: Speaking and Pronunciation

  • Speaking practice and pronunciation improvement.

  • Engaging in dialogues and conversations.

Week 11-12: Writing Proficiency

  • Writing short sentences and paragraphs.

  • Composition and essay writing.

Week 13-14: Cultural Insights

  • Learning about English-speaking cultures.

  • Customary expressions and idiomatic language.

Week 15: Final Assessment & Certification

  • Comprehensive review of skills.

  • Final assessment and course completion certification.

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